Kawaen joins the National Team

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For the second time around, Sensei Franklin Kawaen, a usku 5th dan, joined the National Team this time as kata coach. In his stint as competitor, kawaen has been a dominant force in the national and international tournaments until bagging the gold medal in the Kobe Osaka World Cup 2008 in Greece.

After his competitive years he got hired as Karate Instructor in Dubai and has produced champions in kids divisions. He moved back to the Philippines last year and built his own gym in Mindoro. The same year he joined USKU-Philippines and got his 5th dan in Japan by no less than Shihan Kenichi Fukamizu. Last April during 2nd USKU-Phil. Tournament, his students grabbed most of the medals at stake.

Congratulations Sensei! You got a tremendous resume!…walachi!!!

Veteran Karatekas Pass Dan Grading

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After long years of practicing this precious Japanese art called shotokan, three young karatekas finally took rigorous black belt examination. Danilo Malliones, Director for USKU-Philippines conducted the examination on the  mid of June 2010 at La Trinidad, Benguet. Promoted to Shodan are Gary Bay-an and William Colas; and Jimmy Bolligan was elevated to Sandan.

Mr. Gary Bay-an belong to the old JKA at YMCA a couple of years back. He just came back to the gym three years ago, got his gi back and had practiced since then.

Mr. William Colas is the Chief Instructor of  Sphinx Martial Arts Clan based at the YMCA Baguio. He is a multi-artist and now has gained his black belt in shotokan.

And finally Mr. Jimmy Bolligan,  also a member of the old JKA YMCA until he migrated to London. He was given the rank of  Sandan and will be organizing the USKU-London upon his return to the UK on July 2010.

As a result, we will be expecting the addition of London to the growing force of the USKU around the globe.